Joining NRSB

The second of the two most reputable organizations is the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).  The PHII Radon Measurement Certification Course has also been approved by NRSB and fulfills their initial training requirement.


The National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) certification program offers independent certification, accreditation, and approval for five categories of radon service providers:
  • Certification for Radon Measurement Technicians and Specialists
  • Certification for Radon Remediation Specialists 
  • Accreditation for Radon Laboratories 
  • Accreditation for Radon Chambers 
  • Approval for Radon Measurement Devices
NRSB is neither a trade association for the radon industry nor a constituent outreach group for health policy. Rather, the NRSB provides the public with assurance that radon service providers meet high standards of technical expertise and professionalism.

NRSB Certification

Specific information on achieving NRSB Certification can be obtained from their website (  This site includes information on applying for certification as either a radon measurement or remediation technician or specialist.

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