Real Estate

Radon and Real Estate

The EPA considers real estate transactions to have special considerations that other types of radon measurements do not. This is primarily due to the involvement of multiple parties, each with their own financial interests. Therefore, the EPA publication for home buyers and sellers includes recommended testing and interpretation protocol for radon testing/measurements that is done as part of a real estate transaction. The reason the EPA makes this type of radon testing a unique case include:

  1. An intention to reduce misunderstandings, as well as to protect the public health.
  2. An effort to provide home buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and testing organizations with a common basis of understanding of the recommended procedures for radon measurements
  3. Through widespread implementation, testing results will be reliable indicators of the need for mitigation.
Since a significant proportion of radon measurements are conducted as part of real estate transactions, all aspects of these transactions are carefully scrutinized. Specific guidance from the EPA can help to ensure high quality measurements. This means that results are more likely to be properly interpreted and the appropriate remedial action taken, which in turn means that the risk of radon exposure for all occupants is reduced.

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